I installed the SP List Updater, now what? :)

Jan 19, 2009 at 9:23 PM
What's the next step, i didn't see anything new added to my programs list or is it something in central admin? thanks in advance!
Aug 27, 2009 at 7:20 AM

SharePoint List Updater is win32 service, the installation program should install SP List Updater into your C:\SharePoint. and then it will configure the win32 process. after that you have to create instances of request file manually or automatically by using customer app, db script, win script, batch file, etc... and place the request file into C:\SharePoint\Inbox. the request file is flexible to update any list in any SharePoint portal you can access if you have proper authorization.

In Request file, you have to declare:

1- Root Node and it's namespace: ns0:UpdateList version="1.0" xmlns:ns0="http://CodePlex.SharePoint.ListUpdater">
2- SharepointSiteUrl: your target SharePoint Path
3- ListName: Created list using SharePoint
4- Method: New, Update, Delete
5- Fields/Add - Optional Field to add data into your list
6- Attachments/Add: Optional Field to add physical files into your list. if delete attribute is set to True, then source attached file will be deleted after uploading the file into SharePoint portal.


Sample Request

<ns0:UpdateList version="1.0" xmlns:ns0="http://CodePlex.SharePoint.ListUpdater">
    <add name="Title">Angela's Ashes</add>
    <add name="Author">Frank McCourt</add>
    <add name="Publisher">HarperCollins</add>
    <add name="ISBN">0 00 649840 X</add>
    <add name="Price">6.99</add>
    <add name="Sales">235</add>
    <add name="Angela's Ashes[Frank McCourt].PDF" delete="false">c:\Books\eBook_000345.PDF</add>