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Project Description
SharePoint List Updater is a SharePoint integration service that allows the other applications such as but not limited to ERP, Database, and Custom Applications to send data to any list using very simple xml structure.

How it works
  • The external system create the xml file(s) and place it in the Inbox folder
  • The service picks the file(s)
  • Service checks if the configuration has been configured to archive the incoming file
  • Service checks the xml file if it needs transformation
  • Service validate the incoming file, or the mapped file in case of transformation was declared to be parsed and to be send to SharePoint Server using the exposed * SharePoint 2007 web services.


Service Features
  • Simple architecture that can be enhanced easily
  • Instantly picking the requests (there’s no scan)
  • Generic schema to add new item to any sharepoint list
  • Add new records to the sharepoint lists with minimal configurations
  • The service is controlled by xml configuration file
  • XSD validation
  • Dynamic XSL Mapping, that could be used to add simple business rules and transformation
  • Ability to upload file attachments
  • Ability to archive failures, and processed inquires
  • Eventlog error and warnings logging
  • The service is implemented as a windows service
  • Security is controlled by the assigned user for the Win32 service
  • The service is implemented Start, Stop, Pause, and Shutdown
  • Easy setup and installation

Sample Request

<ns0:UpdateList version="1.0" xmlns:ns0="http://CodePlex.SharePoint.ListUpdater">
    <add name="Title">Angela's Ashes</add>
    <add name="Author">Frank McCourt</add>
    <add name="Publisher">HarperCollins</add>
    <add name="ISBN">0 00 649840 X</add>
    <add name="Price">6.99</add>
    <add name="Sales">235</add>
    <add name="Angela's Ashes[Frank McCourt].PDF" delete="false">c:\Books\eBook_000345.PDF</add>

Tag Description
SharepointSiteUrl SharePoint Server Site URL
Method Currently just New is allowed
Map Optional Filed represents the Xslt Map File in case that the incoming data format is not matching the standard structure or doing simple logic to populate the fields before insert the data into Sharepoint server
Fields Represents a collection of SharePoint columns, use <add /> tag to refer to the required SharePoint Column, add/@name represent the columns name while add/. represent the value
Attachments Any required file that be needs to attached with the record, such like sales report, important document, or anything else.

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